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Benefits of the Minnesota Wave

There are Many Benefits to the Minnesota Wave!

  • More Ice Time,  Training Time and Game Time: Compared to other options in the area, Minnesota Wave Players receive more training time, more games and more ice time.  
  • Cost: Even while offering significantly more development and game time, we do it at a fraction of the cost of other programs.  Our cost per hour of training usually falls under $9.00 per hour.
  • Pre-Planned Practice Sessions:  Every Minnesota Wave practice for every level of player is pre-planned, documented and distributed to coaches for implementation.
  • Focus on Development:  Every Minnesota Wave Practice is broken up into dedicated time to work on:
    • Edges - age specific work on skating and edges is the most fundamental and important aspect of playing hockey.  Roughly 1/3rd of every practice is designed to make our players significantly better skaters.
    • Skills - typically through stations to maximize repetitions.
    • Hockey IQ - every practice allows time for the kids to play and develop their own hockey IQ.  This is usually through scrimmages and modified games that help to teach concepts.
  • Goalie Training at Stauber's:  Minnesota Wave goalies get the same practice and game ice as the players, but they also get professional training at Stauber's Goal Crease.  The Minnesota Wave offers incredible value for goalies.
  • 90 Minute Practice Sessions:  We believe that we can get exponentially more accomplished with a 90 minute practice in comparison to a 60 minute practice.  Most of our practices are 90 minutes long making better use of your efforts to get the players to the rink.
  • Friday and Sunday Practices:  With in-season sports in full swing, most of our practices are held on Fridays and Sundays to avoid other sports and family life as best as possible.
  • Professionally Run Dryland practices:  In 2018 the Minnesota Wave has partnered with xHockey in Lakeville to provide professional trainers to our players while at Dryland training .  They work on stick-handling, shooting and skating through a variety of engaging and automated stations.
  • The Minnesota Wave trains in September:  The Minnesota Wave season runs in April and May and in August and September.  While most AAA seasons end in August, the Minnesota Wave skates right up to association tryouts.  Our players have no need to sign up for Association Pre-Skates and expensive CDP classes designed to get ready for the upcoming season. 
  • No need for Expensive Game Only Leagues:  Because our games are also scheduled throughout the Wave season, there is no need to sign up for expensive game only leagues which can cost as much as an entire Wave season, offer half the number of games and have no practices which is where the players improve the most.
  • Tournament Opportunities at Cost: Players that participate in tournaments only pay for them if they play in them giving parents the freedom to miss if necessary and not incur those costs.  Most AAA programs require payments for all tournaments up front and if your player can't make it, you do not get that money back.

More Development,  Better Development, Real Value!