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    Butch Kaebel Introduction!

    Better Development, Less Cost!

    3x3 Blast from the Past

    Summer 3x3 Registration is now Closed

    Registration for the Minnesota Wave 3 on 3 League sponsored by HOCKEYYAK is now open!

    • Rookie Mites through PeeWee's!
    • 3-on-3 Hockey  is a super fast and exciting hockey experience for all ages.  Players from Mites to Pros play small ice 3 on 3 and other small ice games to develop quick thinking, puck skills, puck protection skills and get a great workout.
    • Because there's no rules such as off sides or icing the play never stops and it's very fast paced.
    • The whistle is only blown when a goalie makes a save or when a goal is scored at which time the scoring team must retreat to half ice before re-engaging the play.  The team that was scored upon immediately takes the puck down the ice.
    • ALL penalties result in a penalty shot.
    • Players will touch the puck and engage more than in a full-ice game.  This helps to develop players at a much faster rate both physically and mentally.


    This is a Summer program and completely separate from the Spring/Fall Minnesota Wave Program.

    Benefits of the Minnesota Wave

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    What is the Minnesota Wave?

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    Rink Venues

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    Minnesota Wave Training Resources

    Click here for player off-ice training resources. Develop those silky smooth mitts! Minnesota Wave Players only!

    Wave Goalie Training

    On and Off-Ice xHockey Training

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    Minnesota Wave Trophy Case

    2017 Summer Finale

    Trailblazer Champs!

    Spook Champs!

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